In October 2017 I collaborated with compsoer Brian Riordan at StEIM.
We combined my electronic set-up with the Glovelet, the Feedback Double bass, and his live sampling to create this little free impro.

The Glovelt in action with bass guitar and voice.Meet the Glovelet.
A Controller for Double Bass and Electronics.img_4575

The sensor glove uses a MiniBee board to wirelessly connect to the computer.
Two bend sensors, an accelerometer, and three buttons control effects with the subtle bend of a finger, the wave of an arm, and the press of a thumb.

The Glovelet is a controller to give classical double bassists a creative pathway into electronic music world. You can easily map parameters and then step away from the computer and use your ears to listen, play, and create music.

The experiments are underway with the bass!

Sediment is a glove-improvisation using the glove and an Abelton Live patch. It is the first live performance using the Glovelet!

The Glovelet was developed for my master’s research project at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. 
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